What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

We had to call SERVPRO a few years back with some water issues, so calling for fire remedies was a no brainer. I told my wife no candles but low and behold, a ton of damage to our family room finally happened. Such fast clean up, I cannot complain at all.

I thought for sure that all of the sticky smoke would still be around after the project was done, but Brandon and the team made sure everything smelled and looked like new again. What a great fire cleaning crew! SERVPRO even assisted with the insurance claim process.

My wife and I were apprehensive about calling in a team for such a small fire in our guest bathroom. But the SERVPRO guys made sure no smoke or mess was left behind. I would recommend to friends. 

I cannot stress enough how fantastic SERVPRO was with the fire we had in our garage. I had a lot of family keepsakes and some inventory for my online business stored in there, but they took care of cleaning and saving almost everything. What a godsend!

I was amazed at how sticky and smelly the gunk was in our kitchen after we had a fire on the stove. It burned up the back of our backsplash and into the cabinets where food storage burned quick. Brian spoke with us about what we could expect, and the staff was so friendly the whole time. Highly recommend. 

We figured our house was a total loss with all of the debris and damage after the fire we had. A lot of the second floor was devastated, but SERVPRO came quick and make sure that every part of the cleanup got handled fast. We’re amazed it is just like no fire took place.