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pooling water in a corridor of office

Fish Hawk Office Flooding

The clean water covering the flooring in this Fish Hawk office required rapid removal to mitigate the water damage. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster; SERVPRO arrived and suctioned out the standing water before wicking caused damage to the carpet, trim work, and wallpapered drywall.

concrete pad, flood cuts, showing framing

Bloomingdale Flood Restoration

Our SERVPRO crew minimized the deconstruction of this Bloomingdale property with "flood cuts." We can remove and discard the wallboard, then spray the interior voids with an antimicrobial product. Once dried, we can then complete the build back.

sooty deposits on wall

Bloomingdale Fire and Water Damage

The walls and ceiling in this Bloomingdale home are coated with sticky soot mixed in with the water used for extinguishing the blaze. SERVPRO technicians can use special chemical sponges and pretest with various cleaners to remove the bulk of the fire damaging deposits. The purpose is to minimize any demolition of building materials.

holes and water damage in the ceiling

Fish Hawk Ceiling Leak

The water damage in the ceiling of this Fish Hawk home resulted from a PEX line that burst inside the attic. Our SERVPRO team can remove the water-damaged drywall panels, dry out the exposed void, and build back the ceiling.