What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

We had a fire and tried to clean it on our own, but being a large commercial facility, the smoke got into our HVAV system and that’s all we could smell. We had to call SERVPRO to take care of the odors because employees were complaining about the smell.

Having a bakery business for several years, I know how tough it is for us to be shut down. We noticed some mold after a kitchen leak that didn’t get cleaned up, but SERVPRO came in and cleaned everything meticulously.

We had a small kitchen fire at our office building the week before important clients were coming to tour. The Jones team at SERVPRO was not only friendly and fast but they handled all of the planning to get contractors onsite to fix all finishing touches.

Our bed and breakfast had a pipe leak on one of our busiest weekends. We had several out of town people and wanted to make sure it got fixed fast. I contact SERVPRO and they were here in 2 hours so that the pipe could get fixed and all of the insulation that was wet got cleaned up quick.

My bike shop had a small fire because of some chemicals and paints. I worked to remove some of the debris, but I didn't think I should touch anything else. It was close to a few outlets. Manny and the staff handled everything fast and I only had to have the business shut down for just over a day. Thanks everyone!

SERVPRO was very knowledgeable and worked with my team to make sure everyone at the production plant was safe during the clean-up. We had some water damage that messed with machinery, so they took care of making sure a trusted electrician helped with all of it. Such a fast, efficient, crew.