What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Even on a Sunday night, pretty late, the SERVPRO crew came out to help when we had some pretty nasty water damage from the storms. I was so happy they were able to get to work and make sure the project got started. They also made sure to follow up after everything was done.

THANK YOU SERVPRO for helping my family after storm damage left us in a panic once we got home from vacation. We had water everywhere by the broken window and had warping around the sill. They took care of pulling everything out, drying, and taking care of the mildew that was growing a bit.

I didn’t even know that SERVPRO offered tarp services, but I’m glad they do. We had lost a bunch of shingles with a wind and rain surge and started to have some leaks in our roof. They covered it all and we had them address the issue. They brought in equipment to dry everything and its good as new.

We had a storm last week but didn’t realize that we had so much water that started to pool around our back patio and deck until it had started seeping into the house. I’m so glad we called SERVPRO so they could help with all of the moisture because it was starting to get musty and gross smelling.

The husband told me that we had storm precautions in place, but we didn’t plan on a window breaking during the storm. We got a lot of water in the house and some issues with our main floor from runoff. SERVPRO was so fast to come and start with pulling up water. So helpful!

My girlfriend’s house is on a lot without any nearby trees so we were shocked when it got a bunch of roof damage during a storm we got. Branches busted into a skylight and we had water coming in. SERVPRO came out that same night and helped us get everything covered and talked us through the next steps.